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“A book must be interesting to the particular reader at that particular time.” ~Theodore Roosevelt

What we’re looking for:

Books compete not only with each other (over 500,000 books are published annually in the United States alone) but also with television, sports, streaming media, and social media. Since we’re competing heavily for a reader’s time, we offer books that intrigue and entertain, teach and mentor—and challenge the reader’s mind. We’re also looking for books that can be used in educational curricula, or be adapted to film or television.

As a small press, we accept few titles each year. If you’re from New York and the city figures significantly in your book; if you’re a journalist with a more personal statement to share; if you’re a passionate fiction writer who’s weary of over-categorization; if your manuscript is both literary and commercial; if you feel somewhat constricted by the protocols of traditional publishing, Heliotrope Books may be a fit for you.

We also seek authors who understand how to reach their audience and market their books “out of the box.” Each book is its own small business that deserves a customized marketing plan. We’re looking for authors who understand that the book will not “make” them—but rather, that they have the power to “make” the book.

We accept agent submissions and/or a personal recommendation or introduction. Acquisitions are made annually, on November 1.

Please Note: As of November 10, 2019, submissions are closed until further notice.

Once we open submissions again, you may contact with the word “Submission” in your subject line. Please include an overall description,  the first 20-30 pages of your manuscript, an outline, author bio, and marketing plan. Thanks!