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2022 Titles


Jenn Budd, Against the Wall: My Journey From Border Patrol Agent to Immigrant Rights Activist (coming June 21)

The Guardian: I Was a Border Patrol Agent. The Experience was Horrifying

POGO: Protecting the Predators at DHS

SBCC: Jenn Budd, Former Border Patrol Agent Turns Immigrant Rights Activist


Sari Botton, And You May Find Yourself…Confessions of a Late-Blooming Gen-X Weirdo (coming June 14)

Publisher’s Weekly Review


Lorraine Duffy Merkl, The Last Single Woman in New York City

West Side Spirit: Being Single Inspired This New Novel

Residence 11: Fiction Excerpt


Magdalena Gómez, Mi’ja 

Strawdog Interview 

AF-AM Point of View, pages 16-17


Connie Hertzberg Mayo, The Sharp Edge of Mercy

Kirkus Reviews

Historical Novel Society Review

Thoughts from a Page: Q & A with Connie Mayo


Frances Park, That Lonely Spell: Stories of Family, Friends & Love

Kirkus Reviews: Recommended Review

Northern Virginia Magazine: All For You, Frances


Wayne Hoffman, The End of Her: Racing Against Alzheimer to Solve a Murder

Publishers Weekly Starred Review

TMR Review

Crime Reads Interview

Los Angeles Blade Interview

Tablet Magazine Podcast


Alice Carbone Tench, Eating Again: The Recipes That Healed Me

Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Foreword Reviews

Formidable Woman Review



Esther Alix, Stories of Gabriel

Urban Latino

Bronx Net Interview


2021 Titles


Kate Walter, Behind the Mask: Living Alone in the Epicenter

Westview News Review

Star Revue Review

Medium Interview

Village Sun Interview

Westbeth Interview

WFUV Interview

The Positive Mind Interview


Pat Fenton, Searching for Harry Chapin’s America: Remember When the Music

Newsday Interview

NNY 360 Interview

Harry Chapin Facebook Page Video Interview

Honeysuckle Magazine Review


Carol Weis, Stumbling Home: Life Before and After That Last Drink

Medium Interview

Prime on the Web Interview


Laury Egan, The Swimmer

Basso Profundo Review

Interview with Karla Linn Merrifield

Radio Interview on Milford House Mysteries

Monmouth Voice Interview


2020 Titles


William Loving, City of Angles  

Los Angeles Downtown News: Former Journalist Pens His First Novel

Pasadena Star: Three Local Books for Your Holiday Shopping

Providence Journal: Ex-Projo Writer’s Odyssey 

Honeysuckle Magazine: A Mythic New Novel in Wasteland

Podcast at Skylight Books, with Ivy Pochoda

The Connecticut Post: Journalist Publishes Debut


BIG NEWS 2020!  Heliotrope Books comes in at #1 in “Companies That Publish Great Memoirs”,


“If you want to learn more about some of the organizations that bring this type of nonfiction writing to life, then here are, in no particular order, five publishers releasing fascinating memoirs.

Coming in at #1 is Heliotrope Books. Based in Lower Manhattan and founded by Naomi Rosenblatt, this independent press specializes in publishing smart, important works that defy easy categorization. Often, the books that it puts out span more than one genre, like the 2015 offering Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir, by Catherine Hiller. Heliotrope, as a Greek word, means “turn-to-sun,” a description that dovetails with this group’s dedication to illuminating unexplored areas of experience.

Examples of memoirs that Heliotrope has released include Bent But Not Broken, which covers a rare medical condition, Playing Catch with Strangers, a collection of personal essays, and Bankruptcy: A Love Story. In recognition of its work, this small press has received positive coverage from a number of media outlets, such as Literary Hub and Honeysuckle Magazine.”


2019 Titles


Barbara H. Roberts, MD, The Doctor Broad: A Mafia Love Story

Salon: Cardiologist by Day, Mafia Doctor by Night

Crimetown: The Doctor Broad

MS Magazine: We Will Not Go Back by Barbara H. Roberts, MD

The 360 Magazine: Cardiologist Releases Memoir 

The Providence Journal: Doctor Who Treated Mob Boss Raymond Patriarca to Release New Memoir

Newport Daily News

Womens Radio

Book Pleasures

Book Nook 


Don Cummings, Bent But Not Broken

Interview in the New York Times with science writer Jane Brody

Kirkus Reviews: Bent But Not Broken

The Advocate: How Does a Gay Man Deal With a Disfiguring Penis Condition?

New York Journal of Books Review

Podcast: Dennis, Anyone?



Christie Grotheim, The Year Marjorie Moore Learned to Live

Kirkus Reviews: The Year Marjorie Moore Learned to Live

Midwest Book Review: The Year Marjorie Moore Learned to Live

Chick Lit Central 

Book Culture

An Interview with Christie Grotheim by Randee Green


M. J. Moore, Mario Puzo: An American Writer’s Quest

See M. J. Moore interviewed on TRT World/Turkish Television, March 2019

The Godfather: A Political Primer (NY Daily News) 

Kirkus Reviews: Mario Puzo: An American Writer’s Quest

Publisher’s Weekly: Mario Puzo: An American Writer’s Quest


Also by this author: For Paris ~With Love & Squalor (2017)


2018 Titles


Lisa Kohn, To the Moon and Back: A Childhood Under the Influence

See Lisa Kohn interviewed by Megan Kelly on The Today Show, September 2018
Kirkus Reviews: to the moon and back Review
The Daily Mail: “My life as a Moonie” Article and Review
Hippocampus Magazine Interview with the Author, in Conversation with Stephen Hurley
Read essays by the author at
David Pinto, Nemesis
Kirkus Reviews: Nemesis Review 
Neworld Review: Nemesis, A Novel
Catherine Hiller, The Feud
AARP: NovelistMemorizes the World
Also by this author: Just Say Yes (2015)


Glynne Hiller, Passport to Paris

NextTribe: “Passport to Paris: The Secrets of My Mother’s Memoir” by Catherine Hiller

Lilith Magazine: “Love, Seduction and Survival—and Always, Paris” Interview with the Author

LoHud: Review and Video Interview with the Author

Honeysuckle Magazine: “RETRO: The Time of Her Life” Review

Women’s Memoirs: Interview with the Author

Facebook: Glynne Hiller, Passport to Paris


2017 Titles


Bob Brody, Playing Catch with Strangers

The New York Times: “Baseball and New York – Stories for Summer Reading” Review

Huffington Post: “Author Bob Brody Talks About His Newest Book, ‘Playing Catch with Strangers'”

Reader’s Digest: “Oldest Person in the Office” (an excerpt)

Cleaver Magazine: Review by Colleen Davis

New York 1:  Video Interview with the Author

WGN Radio: Interview with the Author

Blog Talk Radio “Our Lives with Shannon Fisher” Podcast: Interview with the Author

Blog Talk Radio “Authors on the Air” Podcast: Interview with the Author

2017 Queens Book Festival: Video Interview with the Author

Best of NJ: “10 Summer Beach Reads from NY Authors” Roundup

Behind the Prose Podcast: Interview with the Author

Forest Hills Times: Article & Interview with the Author

Patch: “Forest Hills Author Pens Book About Growing Up” Review

Fair Lawn Daily Voice: “NYTimes Columnist Praises Fair Lawn Author” Article

The Red Room, East Village: Video – Excerpts Read by the Author

The Writer Mag: “Essay is the New Black” Review of Panel with the Author

DNAInfo: “Forest Hills Writer Pens New Memoir on Life in Queens and Beyond” Article

The Queens Gazette: Article

Essays by the Author


Janet Lombardi, Bankruptcy: A Love Story

BookTrib: “Author Janet Lombardi Turns Catastrophe into Inspiration in ‘Bankruptcy: A Love Story’” Essay by the Author

Money Matters’ (KPFT Radio) Chris Hensley Interview with the Author

Book Marketing Buzz Blog: Interview with the Author


Dara Lebrun, Half Crazy

Honeysuckle Magazine: “Four American Roommates: A Parable of 2016 (and 2017)” Fiction by the Author

Also by this author: Sub Rosa (2016) and The Bunny Hop (2014)


MJ Moore, For Paris ~ with Love and Squalor

Blog Talk Radio: Interview with the Author


Facebook: MJ Moore, For Paris ~ with Love and Squalor

Honeysuckle Magazine: “RETRO: In the Mood!” Excerpt from the Novel

Honeysuckle Magazine: RETRO Column by the Author


Steve Villano, Tightrope

C-SPAN BookTV: Interview with the Author

National Memo: “Donald Trump And The Mob: A Patsy Among Punks” Excerpt

Times Union: “Governor’s aide, gangster’s brother” Review

Times Union: “Mario, the anti-Donald” Essay by the Author

Writer’s Digest: “A 30-year Writing Journey Finds Publishing Partner at Writer’s Digest Conference” Essay by the Author

Medium: Steve Villano News and Writing


Digger O’Brien, Pointing Is Rude

Kirkus Reviews: Pointing Is Rude Review

Autism Speaks: Interview with the Author

Digger O’Brien YouTube Book Announcement


Nader Hossain Salehi, Trade Off

Library Journal: “Fiction from Debuter Salehi and Yokoyama” Review


2015-16 Titles

Lianne Stokes, Below Average

New York Post: “Why this New Yorker waited 30 years to lose her virginity” Article & Review

DailyMail UK: “Meet the New York City woman who waited until her 30th birthday to lose her virginity” Article & Review

Neworld Review: Below Average Review

The Rumpus: Original Interview with the Author

The Debutante Ball: Original Interview with the Author


Tom Huth, Forty Years Stoned: A Journalist’s Romance

The New York Times: “How Getting High Made Me a Better Caregiver” Essay by the Author Radio Interview with the Author

Herb: “Highway Robbery,” a chapter from Forty Years Stoned

Marla Miller’s Marketing the Muse: “Road To ‘Forty Years Stoned: a journalist’s romance’ Publication” Article

Lit Salon: ProsTalkProse Video Interview with the Author

Neworld Review: Forty Years Stoned: A Journalist’s Romance Review

Forty Years Stoned: About the Author


Cindy Austin, Cinders: Stories of an Inner-City Survivor

Neworld Review: Cinders Review

Hudson Valley Press: “Cindy Brown Releases New Memoir” Article

The New York Times: “Storyteller from the Hartford Projects” Article about the Author

Hartford Courant: Article and Interview with the Author


Leah Wells, On Another Note

Neworld Review: On Another Note Review

Women’s Memoirs: “The Background of a Memoir Pt. 1: How I Came to Write On Another Note” Essay by the Author

Women’s Memoirs: “The Publishing of a Memoir Pt. 2: How On Another Note was Written and Published” Essay by the Author

Pittsburgh Parent: “Preschool Music Unplugged” Essay by the Author

EdCan: “Have schools crossed the line from sensitive to censorship?” Skype Interview with the Author

Also by this author: A Song for the Birds


Leda Meredith, Botany, Ballet and Dinner from Scratch

Mother Earth News: “Leda Meredith, Sustainable Food Systems Educator” Author Bio

Leda Meredith: The Forager’s Feast “About the Author”

Leda Meredith on YouTube


Dara Lebrun, Sub Rosa

Neworld Review: Sub Rosa Review

Also by this author: Half Crazy (2017) and The Bunny Hop (2014)


Susan Shapiro, What’s Never Said

Publishers Weekly: What’s Never Said Review

Huffington Post: “Tacit Liaisons: ‘What’s Never Said’ By Susan Shapiro” Review

Tin House: Interview with the Author

USA Today: Excerpt from the Novel

The Jerusalem Post: Excerpt from the Novel

The NY Daily News: “Professors, students and the lines we must not cross” Essay by the Author

Fantastic Fiction: Reviews

The Aquarian: “Rant ‘N’ Roll: Sexy, Jewish, Very New York, Susan Shapiro’s ‘What’s Never Said’ Is A Novel For Our Times” Review

CarolineLeavittville:  Interview with the Author

Susan Shapiro Online: Reviews and Praise for What’s Never Said


Neesha Arter, Controlled

Newsweek: “Q&A: Author Neesha Arter on her Memoir, Survival, and Self-Love” Interview with the Author

Teen Vogue: “Read an Exclusive Excerpt from a 24-Year-Old Rape and Anorexia Survivor’s Debut Memoir” Excerpt 

Huffington Post: “The Power of a Story: Controlled” Article “Spotlight on Women’s Health” Interview with the Author

Speakeasy: “NYC journalist and ‘Controlled’ author Neesha Arter speaks out about sexual assault, her career” Interview with the Author

20 Some: “4 Lessons for Dealing with Trauma from Neesha Arter’s Memoir ‘Controlled'” Article

Controlled Book Trailer

The Daily Beast: Articles by the Author

Recovery Warriors: “A Powerful Memoir About Survival” Essay by the Author

Into the Gloss: “Neesha Arter, Writer” Interview with the Author


Catherine Hiller, Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir

The New York Times: “Smoking Marijuana for 50 Years, and Turning Out Just Fine” Article

The New York Times: “How I Buy Weed” Essay by the Author

Herb: “Catherine Hiller Recommends You ‘Just Say Yes’ To Cannabis” Article

Huffington Post: “Mommy and Me and Marijuana” Essay by the Author

Book Reporter: Editorial Content and Just Say Yes Review

Neworld Review: Just Say Yes Review

SFGate: “Fifty happy years of pot smoking chronicled in ‘Just Say Yes'” Article

Lit Salon: ProsTalkProse Interview with the Author

Merry Jane: “A Review of the ‘Marijuana Memoir,’ Just Say Yes”

Cannabis Chronicles: “Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir – Book Review”

Mrs. Nice Guy: “My Evening with Catherine Hiller” Interview with the Author

Green Flower: Articles by the Author

NextTribe: “Passport to Paris: The Secrets of My Mother’s Memoir” by Catherine Hiller


Kate Walter, Looking for a Kiss

Finding Her Place at Westbeth by Kim Velsey

Lamda Literary: “‘Looking for a Kiss’ by Kate Walter” Review

The Book Sage: Looking for a Kiss Review

The Villager: “Westbeth writer ‘comes out as single’ in memoir” Article

GoMag: Author Kate Walter one of the “100 Women We Love 2015”

Hippocampus Magazine: “Interview: Kate Walter, author of Looking for a Kiss” Interview & Review

NY Press: “Life After Love in New York” Interview with the Author

Honeysuckle Magazine: Excerpt from Looking for a Kiss

Behind the Prose Podcast: “Episode 20: Writing intimacy, pain, and hope with memoirist Kate Walter, author of Looking for a Kiss” Interview with the Author

LesBe Real Radio Talk: Interview with the Author 

The Girls Hour Podcast: Interview with the Author 

LGBTSr: “6 Questions for Kate Walter” Interview with the Author

Next Avenue: “The Financial Pitfalls of Domestic Partnerships” Interview with the Author

Kate Walter Online: Other Articles and Essays

Kate Walter on Twitter