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2017 Titles:

Bob Brody, Playing Catch with Strangers



Janet Lombardi, Bankruptcy: A Love Story


MJ Moore, For Paris with Love and Squalor–a-debut-novel-by-m-j-moore



Steve Villano, Tightrope


Digger O’Brien, Pointing Is Rude:


Nader Hossain Salehi, Trade Off


2015-16 Titles

Lianne Stokes, Below Average


Tom Huth, Forty Years Stoned


Cindy Austin, Cinders


Leah Wells, On Another Note


Leda Meredith, Botany, Ballet and Dinner from Scratch:


Dara Lebrun, Sub Rosa


Susan Shapiro, What’s Never Said


Neesha Arter, Controlled


Catherine Hiller, Just Say Yes


Kate Walter, Looking for a Kiss

Kate Walter, Author – Looking For a Kiss! by LesBe Real Radio Talk | Mixcloud 


Season 1 Ep: 11-15 The Girls talk with author KATE WALTER by The Girls Hour on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds 



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