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2018 Titles

Lisa Kohn, To the Moon and Back: A Childhood Under the Influence

See Lisa Kohn interviewed by Megan Kelly on The Today Show, September 2018
Kirkus Reviews: to the moon and back Review
The Daily Mail: “My life as a Moonie” Article and Review
Hippocampus Magazine Interview with the Author, in Conversation with Stephen Hurley
Read essays by the author at
David Pinto, Nemesis
Kirkus Reviews: Nemesis Review 
Neworld Review: Nemesis, A Novel


Glynne Hiller, Passport to Paris

NextTribe: “Passport to Paris: The Secrets of My Mother’s Memoir” by Catherine Hiller

Lilith Magazine: “Love, Seduction and Survival—and Always, Paris” Interview with the Author

LoHud: Review and Video Interview with the Author

Honeysuckle Magazine: “RETRO: The Time of Her Life” Review

Women’s Memoirs: Interview with the Author

Facebook: Glynne Hiller, Passport to Paris


2017 Titles

Bob Brody, Playing Catch with Strangers

The New York Times: “Baseball and New York – Stories for Summer Reading” Review

Huffington Post: “Author Bob Brody Talks About His Newest Book, ‘Playing Catch with Strangers'”

Reader’s Digest: “Oldest Person in the Office” (an excerpt)

Cleaver Magazine: Review by Colleen Davis

New York 1:  Video Interview with the Author

WGN Radio: Interview with the Author

Blog Talk Radio “Our Lives with Shannon Fisher” Podcast: Interview with the Author

Blog Talk Radio “Authors on the Air” Podcast: Interview with the Author

2017 Queens Book Festival: Video Interview with the Author

Best of NJ: “10 Summer Beach Reads from NY Authors” Roundup

Behind the Prose Podcast: Interview with the Author

Forest Hills Times: Article & Interview with the Author

Patch: “Forest Hills Author Pens Book About Growing Up” Review

Fair Lawn Daily Voice: “NYTimes Columnist Praises Fair Lawn Author” Article

The Red Room, East Village: Video – Excerpts Read by the Author

The Writer Mag: “Essay is the New Black” Review of Panel with the Author

DNAInfo: “Forest Hills Writer Pens New Memoir on Life in Queens and Beyond” Article

The Queens Gazette: Article

Essays by the Author


Janet Lombardi, Bankruptcy: A Love Story

BookTrib: “Author Janet Lombardi Turns Catastrophe into Inspiration in ‘Bankruptcy: A Love Story’” Essay by the Author

Money Matters’ (KPFT Radio) Chris Hensley Interview with the Author

Book Marketing Buzz Blog: Interview with the Author


Dara Lebrun, Half Crazy

Honeysuckle Magazine: “Four American Roommates: A Parable of 2016 (and 2017)” Fiction by the Author

Also by this author: Sub Rosa (2016) and The Bunny Hop (2014)


MJ Moore, For Paris ~ with Love and Squalor

Blog Talk Radio: Interview with the Author


Facebook: MJ Moore, For Paris ~ with Love and Squalor

Honeysuckle Magazine: “RETRO: In the Mood!” Excerpt from the Novel

Honeysuckle Magazine: RETRO Column by the Author


Steve Villano, Tightrope

C-SPAN BookTV: Interview with the Author

National Memo: “Donald Trump And The Mob: A Patsy Among Punks” Excerpt

Times Union: “Governor’s aide, gangster’s brother” Review

Times Union: “Mario, the anti-Donald” Essay by the Author

Writer’s Digest: “A 30-year Writing Journey Finds Publishing Partner at Writer’s Digest Conference” Essay by the Author

Medium: Steve Villano News and Writing


Digger O’Brien, Pointing Is Rude

Kirkus Reviews: Pointing Is Rude Review

Autism Speaks: Interview with the Author

Digger O’Brien YouTube Book Announcement


Nader Hossain Salehi, Trade Off

Library Journal: “Fiction from Debuter Salehi and Yokoyama” Review


2015-16 Titles

Lianne Stokes, Below Average

New York Post: “Why this New Yorker waited 30 years to lose her virginity” Article & Review

DailyMail UK: “Meet the New York City woman who waited until her 30th birthday to lose her virginity” Article & Review

Neworld Review: Below Average Review

The Rumpus: Original Interview with the Author

The Debutante Ball: Original Interview with the Author


Tom Huth, Forty Years Stoned: A Journalist’s Romance

The New York Times: “How Getting High Made Me a Better Caregiver” Essay by the Author Radio Interview with the Author

Herb: “Highway Robbery,” a chapter from Forty Years Stoned

Marla Miller’s Marketing the Muse: “Road To ‘Forty Years Stoned: a journalist’s romance’ Publication” Article

Lit Salon: ProsTalkProse Video Interview with the Author

Neworld Review: Forty Years Stoned: A Journalist’s Romance Review

Forty Years Stoned: About the Author


Cindy Austin, Cinders: Stories of an Inner-City Survivor

Neworld Review: Cinders Review

Hudson Valley Press: “Cindy Brown Releases New Memoir” Article

The New York Times: “Storyteller from the Hartford Projects” Article about the Author

Hartford Courant: Article and Interview with the Author


Leah Wells, On Another Note

Neworld Review: On Another Note Review

Women’s Memoirs: “The Background of a Memoir Pt. 1: How I Came to Write On Another Note” Essay by the Author

Women’s Memoirs: “The Publishing of a Memoir Pt. 2: How On Another Note was Written and Published” Essay by the Author

Pittsburgh Parent: “Preschool Music Unplugged” Essay by the Author

EdCan: “Have schools crossed the line from sensitive to censorship?” Skype Interview with the Author

Also by this author: A Song for the Birds


Leda Meredith, Botany, Ballet and Dinner from Scratch

Mother Earth News: “Leda Meredith, Sustainable Food Systems Educator” Author Bio

Leda Meredith: The Forager’s Feast “About the Author”

Leda Meredith on YouTube


Dara Lebrun, Sub Rosa

Neworld Review: Sub Rosa Review

Also by this author: Half Crazy (2017) and The Bunny Hop (2014)


Susan Shapiro, What’s Never Said

Publishers Weekly: What’s Never Said Review

Huffington Post: “Tacit Liaisons: ‘What’s Never Said’ By Susan Shapiro” Review

Tin House: Interview with the Author

USA Today: Excerpt from the Novel

The Jerusalem Post: Excerpt from the Novel

The NY Daily News: “Professors, students and the lines we must not cross” Essay by the Author

Fantastic Fiction: Reviews

The Aquarian: “Rant ‘N’ Roll: Sexy, Jewish, Very New York, Susan Shapiro’s ‘What’s Never Said’ Is A Novel For Our Times” Review

CarolineLeavittville:  Interview with the Author

Susan Shapiro Online: Reviews and Praise for What’s Never Said


Neesha Arter, Controlled

Newsweek: “Q&A: Author Neesha Arter on her Memoir, Survival, and Self-Love” Interview with the Author

Teen Vogue: “Read an Exclusive Excerpt from a 24-Year-Old Rape and Anorexia Survivor’s Debut Memoir” Excerpt 

Huffington Post: “The Power of a Story: Controlled” Article “Spotlight on Women’s Health” Interview with the Author

Speakeasy: “NYC journalist and ‘Controlled’ author Neesha Arter speaks out about sexual assault, her career” Interview with the Author

20 Some: “4 Lessons for Dealing with Trauma from Neesha Arter’s Memoir ‘Controlled'” Article

Controlled Book Trailer

The Daily Beast: Articles by the Author

Recovery Warriors: “A Powerful Memoir About Survival” Essay by the Author

Into the Gloss: “Neesha Arter, Writer” Interview with the Author


Catherine Hiller, Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir

The New York Times: “Smoking Marijuana for 50 Years, and Turning Out Just Fine” Article

The New York Times: “How I Buy Weed” Essay by the Author

Herb: “Catherine Hiller Recommends You ‘Just Say Yes’ To Cannabis” Article

Huffington Post: “Mommy and Me and Marijuana” Essay by the Author

Book Reporter: Editorial Content and Just Say Yes Review

Neworld Review: Just Say Yes Review

SFGate: “Fifty happy years of pot smoking chronicled in ‘Just Say Yes'” Article

Lit Salon: ProsTalkProse Interview with the Author

Merry Jane: “A Review of the ‘Marijuana Memoir,’ Just Say Yes”

Cannabis Chronicles: “Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir – Book Review”

Mrs. Nice Guy: “My Evening with Catherine Hiller” Interview with the Author

Green Flower: Articles by the Author

NextTribe: “Passport to Paris: The Secrets of My Mother’s Memoir” by Catherine Hiller


Kate Walter, Looking for a Kiss

Finding Her Place at Westbeth by Kim Velsey

Lamda Literary: “‘Looking for a Kiss’ by Kate Walter” Review

The Book Sage: Looking for a Kiss Review

The Villager: “Westbeth writer ‘comes out as single’ in memoir” Article

GoMag: Author Kate Walter one of the “100 Women We Love 2015”

Hippocampus Magazine: “Interview: Kate Walter, author of Looking for a Kiss” Interview & Review

NY Press: “Life After Love in New York” Interview with the Author

Honeysuckle Magazine: Excerpt from Looking for a Kiss

Behind the Prose Podcast: “Episode 20: Writing intimacy, pain, and hope with memoirist Kate Walter, author of Looking for a Kiss” Interview with the Author

LesBe Real Radio Talk: Interview with the Author 

The Girls Hour Podcast: Interview with the Author 

LGBTSr: “6 Questions for Kate Walter” Interview with the Author

Next Avenue: “The Financial Pitfalls of Domestic Partnerships” Interview with the Author

Kate Walter Online: Other Articles and Essays

Kate Walter on Twitter