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These forthcoming titles are a few months down the line. If pre-order is available for these books, the links appear below the information. Stay up-to-date about author events and information by checking out our Events page.


Behind the Mask: Living Alone in the Epicenter

by Kate Walter

Stories of Gabriel

by Esther Alix

Eating Again: The Recipes That Healed Me

by Alice Carbone Tench

The End of Her: Racing Against Alzheimer’s to Solve A Murder Mystery

by Wayne Hoffman

That Lonely Spell: Stories of Family, Friends & Love

by Frances Park

Mystery Memoir: To be Revealed Soon

The Last Single Woman in New York City

by Lorraine Duffy Merkl

The Sharp Edge of Mercy

by Connie Hertzberg Mayo

And You May Find Yourself

by Sari Botton


by William Loving

Remember When The Music: Searching For Harry Chapin’s America

by Pat Fenton