Pub Date: October 2, 2018

Author: Mark Thompson

Michael Donahue has it all: a satisfying career as a physical therapist and a loving wife (his college sweetheart) who is pregnant with their first child. In less than a minute, all collapses when she dies in a car accident with him at the wheel. Overwhelmed by grief and depression, Michael barely makes it through his workday and considers suicide. One day, however, he inadvertently discovers a hidden talent for running and finds solace on the roads. A new community buoys him as he trains to compete in the New York City Marathon. As he becomes an elite runner, Michael awakens to the possibilities of his life.


“Competitive runners are driven by ambition, dedication, and a determination to test the body’s physical limits. But for some, running also offers hope. Mark Thompson’s novel skillfully combines the excitement of competition with the personal journey of a man who discovers not only that he is a gifted runner, but that running offers him solace in the face of overwhelming grief. Whether you are a recreational runner or serious competitor, this affecting novel will remind you just how much this simple sport has to offer to your body and your spirit.”

—Charles R. Scott, author of Rising Son and Daunted Courage