Trade Off


Pub Date: February 2017

Author: Nader Hossain Salehi

Trade Off

Reza Shirvani is a talented young associate on the cusp of promotion to partnership at a top corporate law firm in Washington, D.C. But the biggest challenge in his life is far more complicated—his mother and sister have fled Iran and are now stuck in western Afghanistan. Their last and best hope for safe passage to America lies in the hands of a tribal warlord, but only if Reza can quickly come up with a small fortune to pay him.

When Clara, Reza’s beautiful former lover, unexpectedly reappears in his life, Reza seems to have stumbled on a solution to all of his problems.

Very soon, though, it becomes clear that Clara’s reappearance is not completely coincidental, and Reza finds himself confronting an insider trading mastermind, a Saudi financier of terror, cyber espionage, and, along the way, his own greatest doubts and fears.

Fast-paced and gripping, Trade Off takes readers from high-powered offices in D.C., London, and New York, to streets and compounds in Kabul and beyond.

A timeless and yet modern journey of self-discovery, Trade Off illuminates just how ambiguous morality can be when innocent lives are at stake.


“A thoroughly current thriller in which lawyers and financiers are the manipulators of Middle East conflict.”

Kirkus Reviews


Trade Off is a high-stakes international thriller that pulls the reader into a complicated web of dark politics, underhanded gains, and dangerous power brokers. With tension running across every page and a deft balance of complex characters and unpredictable plot twists, Nader Salehi crafts a moody suspense novel that will both immerse readers in new worlds and keep them on the edge of their seats.”

—Steph Post, author of Lightwood and A Tree Born Crooked