the Last Hotel


Pub Date: December 2014

Author: Sonia Pilcer

the last hotel

It’s the late 1970s. Aging sirens, dreamers, eccentrics and connivers live in a small residential hotel on the Upper West Side. Their tiny suites, separated by cracked plaster walls, are paved with golden stories, woven together in this novel of funny, intimate moments between neighbors. The Last Hotel reminds us of how New York was once a grittier, poorer city, full of warmth and character. It’s captured here with the same perfect pitch that has informed Sonia Pilcer’s previous work, which the New York Times described as “tough and sweet… touchingly truthful.”


“Love this novel! Just wonderful! I have been lamenting how much more fun NYC was for me in the early ’80s when I first moved here, and The Last Hotel just brought it all back.”

—Caroline Leavitt, author of Cruel Beautiful World


“Sonia Pilcer writes with wit and deep tenderness as she precisely evokes the vanished world of a small West Side residential hotel filled with zany eccentrics and lost souls. You will laugh and you will feel your throat catch with hurt, but you will be absorbed throughout.”

—Joseph Berger


“Bittersweet, funny. Human and humane. A movie surely waits.”

—Anne Roiphe, author of Up the Sandbox


The Last Hotel is a 20th Century ark filled with survivors of history and gentrification. Sonia Pilcer brings them all vividly to life with gentle wit and a generous heart.”

—Hilma Wolitzer, author of An Available Man