bunny hop


Pub Date: November 2014

Author: Dara Lebrun

bunny hop

Would you have someone else’s baby if it paid two million dollars? A love story like no other, The Bunny Hop is a provocatively intelligent exploration of modern womanhood. As protagonist Molly Douglas journeys through issues of bisexuality, parenthood, and trust (with more than a pinch of ravishing eroticism along the way), her adventures cast new light on that most terrifying human experience—opening up to another person. In this tale of surrogate pregnancies and mysterious bartenders, Dara Lebrun has crafted a world both sweeping and intimate, a fast-paced read that also manages to tug the heartstrings at the most surprising moments. The Bunny Hop will stay with you long after the dance is over.


“Smart, funny, sexy, poignant…”

—Jaime Lubin, The Huffington Post


“Dara Lebrun has turned the Bunny Hop into a dance of life and experience, about a woman who has the courage we could all wish to have, to reshape her life in the very midst of it. It’s an ode to the joys of learning to take chances, to explore the road less taken, and to grow from the twists and turns along its way. The Bunny Hop is the most satisfying novel I’ve read this year. ”

—Marakay Rogers, Broadway World (BWW Books)


“Dara Lebrun found words for the sweet intensity between women that has no words.”

—Tank Burt, Writer, Director, Actor in Ira Sach’s Love is Strange