Pub Date: May 15, 2018

Author: Glynne Hiller

A sensual young woman’s search for love…

In 1950, Glynne, 26, comes to Paris with her husband, Joe, and her three-year-old daughter, Cathy, so they can all learn French and study in Paris. But after a year, Glynne leaves Joe. She doesn’t love him (she asks herself if she’s ever been in love) and she seeks a more liberated life. Saucy and beautiful, Glynne charms one man after another, including the movie star Jean Gabin. Then she meets Maurice and learns that she can indeed fall in love.


“A true delight … A surprising frankness about sex, whether accompanied by affection or deeper feelings, provides a welcome contrast to the American monogamy of that era, from which departures are invariably accompanied by guilt or shame. A moving memoir of the long ago Paris of our dreams.” 

—Jane Delynn, author of In Thrall 


“Memoir at its best. Hiller’s ear for dialogue is finely tuned and her quiet compassion for her former husband (and herself) is never cloying … A brief memoir, with a capacious heart.” 

—M. J. Moore, Neworld Review