navigating tweets feats deletes workplace


Pub Date: June 2014

Author: Richard A. Moran

navigating tweets feats deletes

Confounded by the new workplace? You’ll appreciate these aphorisms, tips, and observations from business expert Richard A. Moran. Based on the aphorisms from Never Confuse A Memo with Reality, Moran’s bestseller from 1993, this edition has been updated to reflect our zany new protocols, habits, and devices. A great gift for the graduate in your life, for a friend embarking on a new job, or for anyone dumbfounded in an office-or, as Moran asks, “What’s an office these days?”


“Deceptively simple yet profoundly important tips on how to succeed in today’s digitally disrupted workplace. A smorgasbord of brilliant business insights, written to be consumed in small bites: each is digestible, tweetable, and at the same time complex and practical. I wanted to pause after each and savor the secret to success that it belies.”

—Glenn Platt, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing and C. Michael Armstrong Professor of Interactive Media at Miami University


“Rich Moran cuts through all the pablum that is on the web today to show us, with wit and humor, what is important and what works at work.”

—Kerry A. Dolan, Assistant Managing Editor, Forbes


“Somewhere out there someone is reading this book and saying, ‘Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that?’ Moran has created the ‘Unwritten Code of Business Success,’ bringing perspective back into the workplace. At the least, should be required reading for every new college graduate.”

—Greg Ballard, Senior Vice President of Mobile, Social, and Emerging Platforms at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


“One of my favorite acronyms is VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). VUCA, multiplied by the speed of change, is our world today. In this book, Rich simplifies the challenges we all face in a VUCA world and provides sanguine advice and guidance that can lead us down a better, more healthy and productive path.”

—Mike Dulworth, CEO, Executive Networks, Inc. and the author of The Connect Effect: Building Strong Personal, Professional and Virtual Networks


“In Navigating Tweets Feats and Deletes Moran ‘double clicks’ on what matters in the workplace. It’s not enough to know what to do, we need to know what NOT to do. We need to know that reheated burritos and the ‘Reply All’ buttons can kill a career. We need to spread the word about these new and classic workplace lessons.”

—Stuart Kaplan, President USA, Knightsbridge Human Capital