Indian Leap


Pub Date: March 2015

Author: Seth Kanor

Indian Leap

Just as he is finding liberation from the burdens of his middle-aged life—an unfulfilling marriage finally ended, a bartending job left behind—the narrator of Indian Leap receives a shattering phone call. The terrible news propels him back into the life of his ex-wife, as he accompanies her to rural Massachusetts to retrieve her twelve-year-old nephew, now an orphan. Back in New York, he finds himself reunited with his wife, again at the bar, and raising a child who is desperately in need of a father. Stuck with the consequences of his loyalty, he finds solace in his friends—as brilliant and hilarious as they are self-destructive—which leads him to drinking, carousing, and a damaging affair with a waitress. Indian Leap explores the love, fear, and resistance that exists between parents and children. Richly narrated by the ruminative husband, it chronicles how fractured lives are unwittingly healed, how a boy becomes a man and how a man becomes a father in trying times.


“Written in fluid prose packed with poetry from the street, Indian Leap is filled with humor that comes from the places where we hurt. This is the good stuff.”                        

—Eddie Torres, author of Carlito’s Way


Indian Leap possesses a mysterious Camus-esque quality, a witty finger beckoning readers to step inside the ‘man-cave,’ if they dare.”

—Jaime Lubin, Huffington Post


Indian Leap is just that. Seth Kanor has written a novel that jumps at you. Fast, wise, and surprising, it pulls you along like an Indy car on a straightway.”

—Howard Kaminsky, former president of Random House