Pub Date: February 24, 2024

Author: Anita Rosenberg

From the writer/producer/director of female-driven films Assault of the Killer Bimbos and Modern Girls comes a collection of captivating conversations with movie industry insiders about what it takes to be the star of your life.

International keynote speaker, award-winning author, and television guest expert Anita Rosenberg invites her talented and award-winning friends—writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, production designers, editors, and actors—the people who actually make the movies!—to explore what it takes to succeed in a famously challenging and competitive industry. These intimate conversations are loaded with gems of lessons learned, sage advice, and motivating inspiration.

The captivating cast of advisors includes movie star Virginia Madsen advocating a positive mindset; Hip-hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy revealing how great relationships can bring great fortune; and “Comic Book King” Michael Uslan confessing why content really is king (hint: acquiring Batman rights while in his twenties set up his entire career).

With 121 photographs from the author’s personal archive, the stories in this book will inspire and empower you to go beyond where you think you are capable of going—to be the star of your life.


“The real star of the book is Anita Rosenberg, who beckons you to love Hollywood as much as she does. Her warmth, playfulness, zest, and showbiz gleanings sparkle in every chapter.”
—Moon Unit Zappa, songwriter of “Valley Girl” and author of Earth to Moon: A Memoir

How to Be the Star of Your Life gives you a front-row seat to the creative process from award-winners both in front of and behind the camera.”
—Nick Cassavetes, actor/writer/director of The Notebook

“I invite readers on the journey of Anita Rosenberg’s new book to learn about success, creativity, and what it takes to make your mark in the world from those I have worked with as well as those whose work I admire.”
—Roger Corman, “The Spiritual Godfather of the New Hollywood,” director, producer, and actor with over 400 credits

“Rosenberg’s resounding message—that life is a movie and you are the star—is bolstered by a slew of sensible steps to success, making this guide as practical as it is inspirational.”
Publishers Weekly

“I love Anita’s funny, fabulous, wise advice and admire her talent for reinvention.”
—Susan Shapiro, NYTimes bestselling author of Unhooked, Forgiveness Tour, and What’s Never Said

 “Guts first, dream second. These are nuts-and-bolts artists. The stories they tell, they earned… This is a handbook for anyone who wants to learn how to stand up and stand out in your own life.”
—Terry Iacuzzo, author of Small Mediums at Large

“We still share the same belief: You got to know the rules to break the rules.”
—Patti Astor, “Queen of the Downtown Screen” and author of FUN Gallery The True Story

“A map to the Hollywood stars with great stories of how big dreams can come true told by people who made it happen for themselves. Anita wrote a charming book filled with advice on how to
not only succeed in Hollywood, but in life.”
—J. F. Lawton, screenwriter Pretty Woman