Below Average


Pub Date: September 2016

Author: Lianne Stokes

below average

Below Average reveals the untold story of the generation of women in between Sex and the City and Girls: just swap the Manolos for tall cans, the selfies for shame—and throw in a marginally insane Vietnam Vet father. Every girl who feels like she doesn’t measure up will feel less alone after reading Below Average, the story of how Lianne Stokes, a thirty-year-old virgin—and an unwelcome third in an interoffice love triangle—failed her way through the sexiest advertising agencies in New York City. If sex sells, then this memoir about not having sex could be a real knockout.


“Lianne Stokes is a smart, sensitive, funny writer and her willingness to address her own missteps, mistakes, and misadventures is a truly lovely thing. This is a book for anybody who has ever felt less than perfect-which, quite frankly, ought to be all of us. Her memoir is a delight even as it chronicles some less-than-delightful moments in her life.”

—Sara Benincasa, author of Agorafabulous, Great, DC Trip, and Real Artists Have Day Jobs


“Lianne Stokes is a champion for misfits everywhere. Her hilarious, outrageous and sharply smart debut memoir Below Average is the new bible for anyone who has ever doubted themselves only to come out on top. Infectious, real and raw, this book keeps me sane and laughing. Below Average is a comedic anthem for every underdog in a mad world.”

—Royal Young, author of Fame Shark


“Below Average is a fiercely honest, hilarious memoir of a chronically underemployed 30-year-old virgin trying to escape her embarrassing relatives, lousy assistant jobs and bad boyfriends. Ironically, Lianne Stokes’ chronicle of career and romantic failures leads to literary triumph in this self-deprecatingly dazzling debut.”

—Susan Shapiro, New York Times bestselling author of Unhooked, Five Men Who Broke My Heart, and What’s Never Said